DJ Cutterz

Beat Smith, Producer, Riddim Riddler, Fader Twitcher and DJ;

Cutterz brings electronica and hip-hop harmoniously together with his mixes and production. Residing in Manchester after having previously held residencies in London and Bristol.

Cutterz and Noel Edge crossed paths in 2011 and after blowing Noel Edge’s mind with his razor sharp cuts; Cutterz has since become a pillar of The Taste The Diff’rence brand.

Cutterz effortlessly tore the roof off The M.E.N. to a sold out crowd when he opened up for non other than 50 cent. Producer and DJ for both Voodoo Black (Sparkz, Dubbul O and Ellis Meade) and Taste the Diff’rence, Cutterz can rock any party and blend a multitude of genres seamlessly together.